Saturday, January 17, 2009

YouTube - First time on a bike (instructional)

I've been searching the internet, font of truth that it is, and have found a few useful things along the way...

There's also this 1993 study into Motorcycle safety in Victoria, and the 1998 follow up study (if you like reading academic reports).  Apart from the stats on accidents and the contributing factors, the one thing that jumped out at me was the recommendation in the '93 report of a scheme to limit motorbikes for learners based on power to weight ratios rather than just engine capacity.  Victoria introduced such a scheme in the middle of last year - 15 years after it was mentioned in the report!

There's another intro to riding video by a guy who calls himself "Motorman".  The video is okay once you get the image of Duffman out of your head (though the audio quality is irritating).

If you're in search of a reality check, here's 10 minutes of accidents accompanied by tips for riding safely.  Some of the accidents were fatalities and they look it, pretty chilling when the biker wasn't at fault.

Lastly, this add is good for a laugh.

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