Saturday, February 21, 2009

8000 rpm

I'm into the second phase of running in the engine on the GS500.  That means that I am now supposed to rev the engine right through to 8000 rpm.  After the bike has done 1600 kilometres, the red-line becomes 11000 rpm, and it's getting hard to imagine even approaching that limit!

For the first 800 kilometres, the limit was 5500 rpm.  At the time, that seemed quite high enough, but since yesterday the bike has ticked over the 800 k mark and a whole new world of torque has opened up.

Not, mind you, that I had a great opportunity to try it out yesterday.  The ride from work was not to home as per usual, but out to family's place in Berwick - which meant an hour and a half on the Monash carpark ... moving ... very .... slowly.

But today I got a good chance to run it up to the 8K mark.  Indeed 8000 rpm in second gear puts you at around about 80 km/h.  It's going to be damn hard to push the bike up to 8000 rpm on the trip to work and back - I don't get much opportunity to get it up to those kind of speeds, and I don't think running along at max revs in first gear is really what they have in mind!

Odometer: 1003 kilometres

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