Friday, July 13, 2012

Foot position

A fairly painful lesson in why foot position matters...


  1. His foot WAS back on the peg.
    Maybe if he was wearing something other than sneakers
    He wouldn't have panicked when it touched down.

  2. Whenever I've dragged the boot without expecting to, it's given me a fright.

    But my riding boot just slides helpfully along the road surface; it doesn't grip and catch.

    The huge puffs of smoke when his sneaker touches down makes me think that it's having very rough friction against the road... in short I think his foot is being pulled back along the road, which then causes him to lose his balance, throw out his throttle arm, and lose the bike.

    So yeah I reckon you're right. In decent boots, we may have just seen a minor wobble as he backed off after the fright. Or probably not even that. Boots are your friend.

  3. I think the puff of smoke is the sneaker quickly vaporising in contact with the road, and probably what is not seen is the little toe vaporising with it. Hence the animal instinct in response to pain of reaching out against the "attacker". Why else would you take your hand off the throttle to swat the ground. Boots are your friend!