Monday, June 4, 2012

Out here revisited

You might have seen my previous post about Queensland's Out Here campaign from 2010.  I was delighted to receive another email from their data analytics department this afternoon with some of the results from the campaign evaluation.In addition to statistics about motorist recognition of the campaign, they reported the following findings from the campaign evaluation (which was undertaken by independent market research):

  •  There was also very strong support for the campaign. 90 per cent of motorcyclists and 95 per cent of motorists thought that the campaign was a good way to get the message across. 
  • By comparison, motorists are reporting that they are checking their mirrors more often (65%) and giving motorcyclists more space on the road (59%). 

 The campaign also created high levels of behaviour change with:

  • Has prompted me to think about my behaviour and take on at least one of the key campaign messages when I ride, such as staying alert, keeping my distance, easing back, looking for the way out or staying visible (motorcyclists, 77%). 
  • Has provoked me to ride more safely (motorcyclists, 66%). 
  • Has prompted me to watch out for motorcycle riders (motorists, 71%). 
  • Has reminded me to look in the mirror more often before changing lanes or turning (65%). 
  • Has prompted me to give motorcycle riders more space on the road (59%). 

As previously noted, Queensland motorcycle fatalities (raw numbers) fell by almost 50% in 2009-2010 compared with 2008-2009.  This campaign appears to have been well received, and their fatal motorcycle accidents are reducing both in raw numbers and proportional terms.

Job well done Queensland.  Any of you guys want to come down here and work in Victoria?

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  1. TAC will never be able to say that they had strong support for their ad.

    +1 on offering them a job at TAC.