Sunday, June 3, 2012

Survey Results - 4 Ads Comparison

In the survey, participants were asked to watch 4 motorcycle safety ads - the 2009 Reduce The Risks campaign, the 2010 No Place To Race ad, the 2010 Out Here ad, and the 2012 Motorcycle Reconstruction campaign.

Here are the graphs of some of the responses for the 4 ads:

Responses as to how well the ad engaged them in thinking about their riding behaviour -

Responses as to how informative or useful they found the ad -

Responses as to how trustworthy they considered the information in the ad - 

Though each of the ads was internally branded by the agency that produced them, the survey did not indicate to the participant which ads were TAC campaigns and which were from other states.  I have picked these three questions just as an overview of audience engagement, trust, and impact.  I think these graphs speak for themselves.

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