Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I picked up the bike on February 6.  On March 6 I ticked over 1600 kilometres.  This is significant for a few reasons.

Firstly, the bike is now officially out of its run-in period.  Much less painful than I expected, and now I can rev it up to 11,000 rpm.  Yeah, right.

Secondly, it shows that over the first month of ownership, I averaged 400 KMs per week.  The question of whether the novelty value will soon fade remains outstanding, however based on those numbers at this point I can predict that I will put about 20,000 kilometres on the bike by Feb next year, and will probably be approaching 25,000 by the time I can buy something bigger (April 25th 2010 assuming I pass my next test on the first attempt).

So if you're thinking that next year will be the year you get your motorcycle license and buy yourself a nice tidy second hand bike, bookmark this page!

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