Friday, March 13, 2009

Cue Evil Laughter

Traffic was stopped all the way into Eltham.  Boring!  So I took a left turn down towards the library, in the hope that I would wind my way through to the back streets behind the train station and go home down the back streets.

Round the sports oval I go, slow riding, looking cool.  Well, looking like a fat guy on a bike in hot sweaty leathers, but I felt like I looked cool and that's what counts.

At the end of the sports oval there is a road that leads out behind the railway station.  It goes exactly where I want to go.  Except it's blocked by a gate, and the gate is locked.

But next to it there is a nice gap between two posts ... I reckon a bike could just about fit through a gap like that...

And then it happens, for the very first time.  As I ride between the posts and onto the road of freedom, I start laughing like a maniac inside my helmet.  The uncontained joy of riding a vehicle that can take me down the freeway at 100 (no questions asked) being the same vehicle that can fit between a couple of posts and allow me to take a shortcut home that avoids all the traffic.  Sure I'm hot, sweaty, smelly, and all that.  But I'm the happiest man in the world!

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