Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look, Lean, Push

I'm still learning how to corner properly, but this is the method I've come up with thus far ...

Look, Lean, Push

  1. Look - look through the corner to the exit, or if you can't see the exit look as far through as you can
  2. Lean your body to the side of the bike you want to turn - sliding across in the seat a little bit helps
  3. Push on the inside handlebar to tip add a bit more lean if necessary.
When I did the HART course, they told us that to turn the bike, you just look where you want to go and the bike will go there.  That's true, but knowing a bit more and learning how to manage turns adds a whole new set of skills to your bag of tricks, which can be extremely useful in a pinch.  And thus far, look lean + push seems to add a whole new dimension to my cornering, though I've still got a lot of learning to do!

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