Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bike Camping Gear

I haven't tried it all out yet, but I thought I'd throw up a list of what I've got for camping trips on the bike, just for the sheer pleasure of it.

Tent - High Country "Dargo" Hike Tent
Sleeping bag - Roman Palm IV
Sleeping mat - Thermarest ProLite
Cooking - JetBoil

I can fit all this in my tank bag, if I expand it to its maximum size, and still have a little room to spare.  That said, I can no longer see the speedo over the top of the bag!  But compromises must be made... I'm working on a solution for keeping an eye on the speedo.

That leaves me my tail bag for clothes and food.  If I ever go on a longer trip I will invest in some panniers to complement the tail bag and allow me to take a bit more stuff.

Once I've tried it out, I'll let you know how it goes!  But my sleeping bag is only a 2-3 season affair so it will probably not be until spring that I get to go camping.

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