Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter bike blitz

According to The Age, Victoria Police will be out blitzing motorcyclists for our own safety this Easter.
Police will have a strong presence at camping and holiday areas including Mansfield, Noojee, Erica, Walhalla, Kinglake, Toolangi and Tallarook.
Promoting safe riding is obviously a passion of mine, so I'm in sympathy with the aim of allowing motorcyclists to pursue their hobby (passion, addiction) safely and free from impediments.  Nevertheless I get concerned when police announce that they will be targeting a group of road users in exactly the same way they announce that they are targeting speeding, drink-driving, or other driving offenses.

Still, apart from tomorrow the weather is looking pretty crap for the easter weekend so I'm guessing that it won't affect many people anyway.  :-/

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  1. Yeah, it is one thing to target a specific dangerous or illegal behaviour, but to target motorcyclists in general is really quite demonstrative of prejudice. :(