Friday, April 27, 2012

A few milestones

A few milestones have ticked over in the last few days that are worth commemorating:

Firstly on Anzac Day Andrew and I made it out for a little ride to Daylesford and back.  Some lovely roads out that way, and the weather was much kinder to us than it was to those who attended a dawn service!

Also on Anzac Day I ticked over 15,000 kilometres on the ninja.  At an average of 1,150ks per month I am riding this bike the least of the 3 bikes I have owned (1,200k/month on the Suzuki, 1,400k/month on the Z750) which surprises me, especially since I done far more touring rides and pleasure rides on the ninja than I did on either of the previous bikes.  The flipside of course is that I am commuting less, working one day per week from home on a regular basis (not to mention the dreaded broken toe incident which put me off the bike for a number of weeks).

Today maks the first day that Andrew has ridden his bike in to the city to work - so he is now officially a motorcycle commuter!  I met him at the Calder Park BP so he could have some company on the stretch in through the city traffic, which was pleasant but completely unnecessary.  Andrews competence (and I trust confidence) on the bike is growing daily and he was able to navigate the joys of Melbourne city traffic with ease.   (I note with displeasure that the headlight on his 650 is noticably brighter than that on my ninja; I may have to get myself an after market HID light kit after all!)

Finally it appears that my beloved bluetooth headset is giving up the ghost.  It had great trouble pairing with my phone last night, and this morning has been in the habit of turning itself off whenever it pleases.  I don't hold it against the poor little thing though, I have had 3 years of faithful service out of it and it was worth its weight in gold.  So its time to start sifting through my collection of spare parts to see if I have another working unit that I can replace it with... otherwise back to eBay I go :)


  1. Yeah, a bugger about the bluetooth headset, but the company was much appreciated.

    I'm definitely feeling more confident all the time, and was never out of my depth on the ride in, although I still need to work on my roadcraft/awareness. I figure that is something that will always benefit from work though. :)

    I'm already looking forward to the ride home, and it will be interesting to see how long that takes. Won't be long now until I hit the 800kms (and a new vista of 6k rpm goodness) and then the 1000kms and my first service. :)

  2. You must have bumped over 600Ks now by the time you got in this morning?

    One of these days we will have to take you home the long way so you can have some more fun on the bike :)

  3. The long way, by the way, looks like this:

    So it may need to wait for Daylight Savings to come again...

  4. Ok, KTM 990 Adventure or 690 Enduro R?

  5. Don't be daft man, 990 Adventure. If you're going to do it don't muck about. Plus the 690 - it weighs less than 150kg. I reckon you'd want something more substantial underneath you.